We are one of the leading sellers of electricity in Poland. In 2016, the volume of our sales to end clients reached nearly 43 TWh

The segment's activities include trade in electricity throughout the country, domestic and foreign wholesale trade in electricity, provision of services to PGE Group companies related to trade management of the Group's production capacities and produced electricity as well as trade in CO2 allowances, property rights (certificates) and gas.

Key data concerning PGE Obrót's clients in 2016 and 2015. 

Number of clients at energy supply points










11 903

11 368



457 310

456 522



4 693 459

4 664 328



5 162 843

5 132 341

More about our clients in chapter Who our clients are.

The segment's revenue covers mainly the sale of electricity to end customers and also the sale of distribution services under framework contracts.

The segment's costs cover mainly the purchase of electricity and costs resulting from the necessity to purchase property rights subject to redemption under the support system for renewables, cogeneration and energy efficiency. 

Key financial figures

Key figures in the supply segment.

in PLN million



change %

Revenue from sales

16 014

15 783










Capital expenditures




Key factors having impact on segment results

 Key EBITDA divergences in the supply segment [in PLN million].

Major EBITDA drivers in the supply segment in 2016, in comparison with the previous year, are as follows:

  • Lower result on electricity by PLN 177 million mainly due to lower unit margin on energy sales connected with a less favourable relation between the average sales price (down by 9 PLN/MWh) and average purchase price (down by 2 PLN/MWh). A 10% increase in electricity trading volume partially offset the negative impact of lower sales prices on the segment's results.
  • Increase in costs to redeem property rights, mainly due to higher demand for cogeneration certificates and the introduction of an obligation to redeem certificates issued for electricity produced in biogas plants, which resulted from an update of the renewables act.  This increase was partially offset by lower prices of green certificates.
  • Decrease in revenue from a Trade Management of Production Capacities contract resulting from a trading volume lower by 3 TWh and lower sales prices of energy covered by the ordinance. Decline in revenue from PGE GiEK S.A. by PLN 40 million, and by PLN 5 million from PGE EO S.A.
  • Increase in revenue from services provided to other PGE Group segments by PLN 49 million, resulting from a change in settlements between companies.
  • Divergence in the 'other' item resulting mainly from: (i) lower costs of marketing and sponsoring activities by PLN 23 million and (ii) higher result on other operating activities by PLN 18 million.

Growth perspectives for the supply segment


2017 outlook vs 2016

Main drivers



  •  A stable market situation will have a positive impact on results.
  • Volatility of green certificate prices increases risk but also temporarily raises margins.

Responsible approach to natural environment

Water and waste water management and solid waste management at PGE Obrót S.A. cover the discharge of waste water and removal of solid waste produced in the course of business - office work only. As an eco-friendly company, PGE Obrót S.A. sorts rubbish.

PGE Obrót’s responsible approach to the environment is also manifested by its offering addressed to clients. In 2016, PGE Obrót introduced a form of eco-friendly offering. The sale of energy derived from renewable sources is confirmed by an Origin Guarantee – an official document from the register of Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A., confirming to the end user that the specified quantity of electricity was produced from renewable sources.

Through most of 2016, PGE Obrót's clients were able to select an offering from BOŚ Bank S.A. for prosumers. It was intended to finance the installation of photovoltaic panels. 

More about PGE Group's responsible approach to the environment in chapter Limiting our footprint.