CO2 emission rights (EUA) receive power generating units belonging to the PGE Group, which are covered with the Act dated June 12, 2015 on a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading. Starting from 2013, only part of emission rights for production of heat will be granted unconditionally, while for production of electricity there is, as a rule, lack of free of charge EUA. Only on the basis of article 10c of Directive 2003/87/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community, the derogation is possible providing the realization of investment tasks included in National Investment Plan, which allow to reduce CO2 emission. The condition under which free of charge CO2 emission rights can be obtained is presentation of factual-financial statements from realization of tasks included in National Investment Plan.

In the current period entities of the PGE Group received free of charge CO2 emission rights in the amount of about 25 million for units generating electricity, and about 1 million for the installations other than generating electricity.

In September 2016 PGE Capital Group submitted subsequent reports on the implementation of the investments in order to obtain new units for CO2 emission. They will be issued at the beginning of 2017.

The schedule for CO2 emission rights disposal relating heat energy is different – at the beginning of 2017 EUA emission rights will be issued in order to cover the emission of CO2 for 2017.

  As at December 31,2016 As at December 31,2015
EUA Amount (Mg million) Value Amount (Mg million) Value
AS AT JANUARY 1 77 2,172 68 1,552
Purchase 40 937 38 1,301
Granted free of charge 26 - 30 -
Redemption (58) (760) (59) (681)
AS AT DECEMBER 31 85 2,349 77 2,172