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PGE Group has a strategy, a stakeholder-centric vision for sustainable development as well as detailed plans. But for these plans to be implemented, we must monitor work progress every day. Responsibility means a system of legal frameworks, rules and indicators – the mechanisms of control.

Interview With CEO

CEO of PGE comments on challenges we are facing, our new development path, results of 2016 and the energy industry’s future.

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PGE in 2016 and perspectives

In 2016 we continued our operations in 4 main business segments. From mining, through electricity and heat generation along with electricity distribution to the sale of energy to final customers.

PGE Group in 2016

Managing the Group and Management

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is the Corporate Centre of the Group. Its statutory bodies play key role in management of PGE Group. We are aware of the fact that managing such a large group is a tremendous challenge therefore we have addressed this issue in our strategy in 2016 – we intend to care for the development of employee competences, improve process and organisational efficiency, adapt to, and work with our surroundings.

Main principles

Our governance system

Organisational culture

Organisational culture is a foundation for our organisation's operations, contributing to achievement of strategic objectives. Year 2016 brought a significant event in the Group – in June we adopted a key document related to our organisation's ethical culture - PGE Code of Ethics. As we don’t want it to be just another document, we constantly promote culture of compliance and ethics.

Strategy and culture

Code of ethics


PGE at the capital market

We are here for our investors, taking care of long-term value creation. We are one of the largest companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, WIG20 blue chip. We are listed in Respect Index, encompassing socially responsible companies listed in Warsaw.

What drives the share price?
Ownership structure
Dividend and value protection

Finances, taxes, insurance

Our financial policy is transparent and responsible. Here you can find more information on issues of significant importance for our stakeholders:

Treasury principles
Debt structure
Tax policy
Insurance policy

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Mutual understanding


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