PGE Group's surroundings are undergoing constant changes. We are constantly noticing the development of new technologies, which will have an impact on the energy of tomorrow - energy warehousing, smart grid, dispersed energy, power-to-gas, energy efficiency solutions, smart homes or electromobility.

Therefore, the 2016-2020 strategy places strong emphasis on research, development, innovativeness and new technologies in order to adapt PGE Group to a world in which changes are happening dynamically and growth opportunities will be available only to the most innovative or client-centric companies. 

To this end, PGE Group has identified Strategic Research and Development and New Business Areas, in which the Group intends to conduct R&D projects and innovations for each element of its value chain:

For the purpose of implementing these projects, we intend to establish an R&D centre. We are working with the National Center for Research and Development in the Intelligent Development Operational Programme. The aim of the joint undertaking is to address the challenges before PGE Group as the sector's largest entity and therefore to increase the innovativeness of PGE Group and the entire Polish energy industry.

PGE Group companies have established cooperation with 18 universities (pop-up) in Poland and are implementing a number of joint R&D projects. This cooperation also includes internships for students and graduates as well as training for our companies' engineering and technical personnel. 

How do we do this?

One of these projects consists of investing in equity structures that support the development of new technologies, solutions and small businesses. This project's goal is to implement a new model for developing and implementing new solutions, one that allows higher-risk undertakings to be managed, whilst shortening the time-to-market for new solutions. These activities led to the formation of PGE Ventures, a specialist CVC fund, which will make equity investments in startups, as well as PGE Nowa Energia, which will incubate and accelerate earliest-stage projects. In total, PGE Group is committing at least PLN 25 million per year to supporting startups.

Discover our cooperation with start-ups.

List of cooperating universities

  • Wrocław University of Economics
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Łódź University of Technology
  • University of Łódź
  • Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  • Gdańsk University of Technology
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Opole University of Technology
  • Maritime University of Szczecin
  • West Pomeranian University of Technology
  • Rzeszów University of Technology
  • The Jacob of Paradies University
  • Social Sciences Academy in Łódź, branch in Bełchatów
  • University of Rzeszów
  • University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz
  • Lublin University of Technology
  • University of Life Sciences in Lublin
  • Ignacy Łukasiewicz Rzeszów University of Technology

How do we do this?

PGE GiEK, a company responsible for the conventional energy segment within the Group, in cooperation with the Wrocław University of Technology has developed an innovative method for monitoring a power unit at Elektrownia Turów. Working with the Łódź University of Technology, the company carried out a research project on the use of materials patented by this university to limit mercury emissions.