As the largest energy group in Poland, we are aware of the weight of decisions concerning the future of energy that are being made at the European level. 

We are present on the international forum, actively contributing to institutional dialogue and aiming at the mutual understanding of the arguments of the various parties. We believe that a constructive exchange of arguments and views leads to compromise.

How do we operate?

PGE representatives participate in numerous meetings, workshops and conferences, monitoring on-going work at European institutions and information sharing.

Much of our activity is centred around PGE's membership in the Polish Electricity Association, an association gathering industry representatives in Poland. The President of PGE's Management Board, Henryk Baranowski, is also president of the Polish Electricity Association.

The Polish Electricity Association is involved in initiatives and projects thanks to which the Polish power sector may better respond to challenges related to European integration, ensure the security of electricity supplies, a competitive market, environmental protection and the development of modern technologies.

Through its office in Brussels, the Polish Electricity Association organises numerous meetings with industry organisations, domestic associations and energy companies from EU28 as well as MEPs, and participates in ITRE and ENVI parliamentary committee sessions.

Eurelectric and CEEP

As a member of the Polish Electricity Association, we also belong to Eurelectric, an association representing the interests of the European power industry, an authority on European energy. PGE representatives are actively involved in Eurelectric's committee and working group activities. Participation in this initiative allows us to obtain the latest information and share our knowledge. It also gives us an opportunity to influence Eurelectric positions on matters related to European legislation.

PGE also cooperates with CEEP (Central Europe Energy Partners) as a member of this organisation - by supporting events and contributing to CEEP positions that reflect our arguments. CEEP brings together energy companies and energy-intensive companies as well as scientific institutions from the Central and Eastern Europe region.


In Europe, we represent the interests of all of our stakeholders, presenting our positions from the viewpoint of ensuring uninterrupted electricity supplies to our clients on competitive terms, responsibility for our employees and local communities. We also aim to support the efforts of the Polish administration, offering our experience and substantive knowledge about the energy area.