We are an important partner for local communities and local authorities. The taxes that we pay to the communes in which we operate often constitute a significant part of their budgets.

Map of Poland with voivodships and tax impact 2016 and 2015

*Estimation based on tax returns and documentation of other fees paid by PGE to local governments, resulting from the law

At central and local level, our business in 2016 brought in PLN 4.7 billion in 2016 (PLN 5.0 billion in 2015). This amount mainly includes: excise duty, VAT, CIT, taxes and contributions for PGE employees, property taxes as well as other taxes and fees.

As a result of our activities, local governments (communes, counties and districts budgets) received close to PLN 646 million in 2016 (approx. PLN 708 million in 2015). 

Table with estimated tax impact by each level of local government

Data for 2016

Data for 2015

State Treasury

 3 036 516 213

 3 200 503 076

Social Security

 1 065 832 726

 1 076 380 322

Budgets of communes

 342 825 587

 347 460 232

Buggets of counties

 44 492 022

 45 347 014

Budgets of districts

 258 609 778

 315 122 256


 4 748 276 326

 4 984 812 900

Estimates based on tax returns and records of other levies paid for the benefit of local governments resulting from the laws in force. Breakdown into individual local government levels was made on basis of information concerning the amounts of taxes paid by individual companies of the PGE, employment at individual companies and communes, as well as information about division of income from Personal Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax between the local governments and the State Treasury in 2013 and 2014.

In the Kleszczów commune, which is the location for the largest lignite-based power plant and lignite mine in Europe, over 50% of all expenditures incurred by the local government in 2016 were financed from taxes paid by PGE Group. The total amount received by various territorial units at commune level as a result of our operations reached PLN 343 million.

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