PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna is one of the five largest employers in Poland. We provide stable employment to more than 38 ths. people in over 200 locations throughout the country.

Most of our personnel live in towns in the vicinity of our facilities and a large number of our subcontractors are local enterprises, which we give opportunities for business development.

Many activities for local communities originate at the initiative of Group companies. As part of cyclical activities directed to the representatives of local government, PGE Dystrybucja organises Energy Forums, during which we share know-how about the distribution of electricity and conduct active dialogue with local residents concerning investment processes.

In our activities, we try also to support local businesses, which constitute a considerable part of our suppliers and subcontractors. Thinking about the local labour potential, but also taking into account cost control, we are implementing a project to provide in-house technical service for our wind farms.

How we do this?

Our own service model for wind turbines

We try to support local businesses and use local labour markets. PGE Energia Odnawialna is expanding its in-house technical service in areas where it operates wind farms. A common market practice for many wind farms in Poland is servicing wind farms by the manufacturer.

In 2012, at wind farm Lake Ostrowo, we deployed our service model for the first time, using our own personnel. The experience gained from that project allowed us to use our in-house service for other wind farms. At the end of 2016, five of our wind farms were covered by in-house service, which is approx. 25% of our installed wind capacity.

The social effect of in-house service may not be overstated. This service management model has a positive impact on the local market because the company hires and trains people from local communities and sends some work to local businesses. Thanks to the cooperation with Group PGE local entrepreneurs acquire new skills and develop services, which afterwards can be provided to other customers.