At PGE Group, we employ over 38 000 people across more than 200 locations throughout Poland. This is a stable and safe workplace. Because of this, we are one of the most desired employers in Poland. 

This is confirmed by various independent market studies - in the annual study by Antal "Most desired employer according to specialists and managers", PGE placed 3rd in 2016 in the category: energy, fuels, mining, chemicals. In the latest study Universum Global 2017, PGE was named the most attractive employer in the energy sector.

We are certain that these results are the effect of our long-term human resource management policy, especially our care for employee safety. Given the specific nature of the industry in which PGE Group companies operate, safety is one of the most important factors taken into account in our actions - our employees include open-pit miners, power plant staff, electric technicians, so people who work in especially difficult conditions that warrant exceptional safety.

Employee safety is always a priority.

Promoting a safe work culture amongst employees is a constant objective for the Group. Initiatives here are based mainly on preventive measures as well as exchanging knowledge and experiences. Each Group company has its own workplace health and safety regulations - this mainly results from the specific nature of business lines. Promoting safety amongst employees is also ascribed as an objective in managing corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, which is part of PGE Group's updated strategy. Developing a safe and healthy work environment is also included in our Code of Ethics.

All of these activities - resulting from the company's responsible approach and a high level of awareness amongst employees - reduce accident rates. A vast majority (99%) of recorded accidents at work, although they are infrequent, are light accidents that do not cause major injuries or health problems. 

How we do it?

2016 was the safest year in the history of Elektrownia Bełchatów. Just 4 light accidents at work were recorded in the largest power plant in Poland, which has 3 200 employees and features challenging conditions. No collective accident, severe bodily harm or professional sickness has been recorded in recent years. The total number of employees exposed to harmful factors at the workplace such as noise, mechanical vibrations travelling through upper limbs or manganese concentration, was 168 people (including approx. 150 exposed to noise), and was lower by 16 people from 2015.

Every year, PGE GiEK branches take active part in numerous workplace health and safety competitions and initiatives. Elektrownia Bełchatów employees won the group and individual categories in the 19th Nationwide Workplace Health and Safety Knowledge Competition for Power Plants and CHP Plants.

Caring for employees, their motivation and involvement is also an element of our responsible approach to employee matters. We strive to ensure additional benefits: additional medical coverage, additional pension benefits, e.g. in the form of employee pension programmes, electricity subsidies or additional life insurance.

Our companies and branches have been operating at their locations for decades and will certainly continue working there for years to come - with time, these companies natural become a part of local communities, which results in PGE being seen as a stable workplace. This is understandable - employees are people who come from those communities. Sometimes several family members are employed at PGE Group. We also work with local suppliers and businesses thus exerting considerable influence on regional development.

Our daily activities are aimed at making sure that PGE continues to be a safe, stable and friendly workplace.