We strive to make an appropriate use of our employees' competences and to effective manage the transfer of knowledge and skills within PGE Group. 

Continuous development and competence improvement are important to us therefore we spare no effort at providing employees with opportunities to raise their qualifications by participating in specialist training, soft competences and management skills training, IT training, post-graduate studies and foreign language courses. 

We invest in the development of our employees

The total number of training days at the 9 key PGE Group companies reached 37 000, which means an average of 1.2 training days per employee, and training was provided to employees of all levels.

PGE Group is placing strong emphasis on special Central Training and Development Programmes, which are the best investment in our employees. Given the fact that innovation holds an important place in PGE Group's updated strategy, in 2016 the Group started the Technology Commercialisation Academy programme, with the participation of employees from PGE Group's research and innovation area. PGE Systemy (provider of ICT services within the Group) held the first edition of development programmes for management, the aim of which was to increase leadership and management skills and to build a culture of involvement and cooperation. In 2016, the first innovation conference Architects of Innovation was held. Members of PGE Group companies' management boards and key personnel in charge of the Group's research and innovation area participated in these workshops.

37 000 training hours in 2017

Technology Commercialisation Academy

Innovativeness Architects

Management development programmes

In the coming years, the Group intends to launch a process for diagnosing the competences of PGE Group employees. To this end, an IT tool (SAP HRM) was developed in 2016, which will support employee evaluation processes at all business lines from 2018. This will allows us to better plan training processes aimed at increasing knowledge and acquire new competences.

We need highly qualified specialists in the energy sector. Taking on the challenges that the organisation is facing, PGE Group introduced internship programmes - own and industry - to reach specialists and students who can become managers in the future. We also actively cooperate with higher education institutions.

How we do it?

In October 2016, PGE Group in cooperation with PKN Orlen S.A. and PGNiG S.A. began implementing the #Energy for the Future internship programme under the aegis of the Energy Ministry. The programme’s participants include graduates and students who during a year-long internship will gain experience in their areas of interest and get to know the specifics of working in the energy industry. 7 trainees participated within this program.

In 2016, PGE continued working with the Lesław A. Paga Foundation within the Energy Academy, addressed to people who are passionate about energy and who want to work in this industry. The Academy's participants were given the opportunity to complete paid internships at PGE Group. Afterwards, they often receive and accept job offers at Group companies. In 2016, the internship was attended by 3 participants of the Academy, one of whom was afterwards employed by PGE S.A.

It is important to us that all of our employees have the opportunity to achieve success thanks to their skills and effective work. At our company, we promote cooperation, fairness and taking the initiative. 

At PGE Group, we are creating an environment that is conducive to competence development, advancement of professional qualifications and the sense of individual responsibility.