The retail market is becoming increasingly competitive. We are developing our offering in order to meet our clients' growing requirements. We combine sales of the key product, electricity, with additional services offered in cooperation with external partners. 

Services to meet expectations

The retail market is becoming increasingly competitive. We are developing our offering in order to meet our clients' growing requirements. We combine sales of the key product, electricity, with additional services offered in cooperation with external partners.

In the autumn of 2016, we introduced a special offering for households in cooperation with the insurance firm TUW Polski Zakład Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych ("Prąd jak prąd, ale z pomocą fachowców"). The offering features three packages with expert assistance: basic, expanded and comprehensive, depending on client needs:

  • Basic package includes help from an electrician in emergencies involving electric installations, and the service includes the expert's travel, diagnostics, labour as well as the costs of spare parts or materials used for repair, which is intended to bring internal electric installations back to full service.
  • Expanded package includes the help of numerous experts from different areas: electrician, locksmith, glass expert, heating and gas equipment experts and roofer.
  • Comprehensive package includes all of the above plus assistance from an IT professional and service for consumer equipment and home appliance. 

Each of the offerings was available in two variants, both involving a guarantee of fixed electricity prices - for a shorter period (about two years) or a longer period (about three years). The offering, supported by a promotional campaign, was met with significant interest from clients. In just several months (fourth quarter of 2016), more than 75 000 selected this proposal from PGE Obrót S.A. The basic package with the longer guarantee period was the most popular option.

In 2017, the offering was still popular and new variants became available featuring anti-theft and medical insurance.

Oszczędzaj światłem

The "Save with light" offering is aligned with the mega trend of growing interest in energy efficiency. It is a proposal directed to households and small businesses for electricity supply together with a package of energy efficiency LED light bulbs made by Philips. By replacing their lighting with energy efficient bulbs, clients reduce their energy bills. At the same time, they do not incur a large one-off expense to purchase this lighting. In addition, the offering includes a price guarantee for electricity: for a shorter period (about two years) or a longer period (about three years).

For customers with significant demand for electricity, we offer specialist technical and auditing services, including: preparing integrated energy management systems, energy and ecological analysis of production facilities and technological processes. This offering was developed in cooperation with TÜV SÜD Polska, which certifies management systems.

We continue selling our ecological offering "Naturally, it's energy", which covers the sale of electricity produced in renewable sources. This product is dedicated to clients whose annual energy consumption exceeds 1 GWh. In this offering, clients receive Guarantees of Origin, i.e. electronic documents confirming that the specified quantity of electricity was produced in renewable sources. This is an added value for entities that have eco-friendly activities listed in their strategies. Guarantees of origin are an element of sustainable development. This offering is included as a "good practice" in the report "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices 2016."

Natural gas is one of PGE Obrót's areas that are developing more dynamically. The company has been an active player on the gas market since 2015 and is successively expanding its client base and product portfolio. Its gas sales exceed 2.5 million MWh. We offer a portfolio of promotional offers for natural gas sales in all popular tariff groups, for both households and businesses.

In 2016 PGE Group's consolidated revenue from the sale of gas was PLN 296 million.

Innovativeness in the retail segment

Smart homes are a promising direction for PGE Obrót's product policy. This is understood as highly technologically advanced buildings. The use of communication technologies, sensors, controllers and algorithms lets the building enter the Internet of Things. According to this concept, entities can exchange data through the net thanks to which the building may react to external and internal changes, optimising operating costs. In the area of business development and innovations, PGE Obrót S.A. is implementing the project "SmartEnergy" intended to build a proprietary platform for managing household appliances and commercialise intelligent peripheral equipment.

PGE Group also remains active in the area of electromobility, creating new solutions for both local authorities and retail clients. 

  • is one of the four shareholders of ElectroMobility Poland,
  • actively participates in consultations on the act on electromobility and alternative fuels,
  • is conducting "E-mobility for cities" pilot projects that include the assembly of charging stations in four cities - Kraków, Łódź, Lublin and Rzeszów,
  • together with the Lublin University of Technology, is implementing a project to develop a standard in the area of charging stations.

Photovoltaics is become increasingly popular in Poland and elsewhere in the world. PGE Obrót S.A. is getting ready to implement a proposal that will respond to clients' interests. Already in 2017 we began selling a solution combining photovoltaic panels with assembly service and a promotional pricing offer.

Satisfaction survey

Clients are becoming increasingly aware and more demanding. Technological progress makes it possible to make customer service more effective, better organise processes and more effectively exchange information. We care about our client’s satisfaction. Every year we conduct client satisfaction surveys - in both retail and distribution areas. We conduct client satisfaction surveys to identify areas that need to be improved. The survey methodology is constant, which makes measurements comparable from year to year. We survey customer impressions at different stages of contact with PGE Group - such as sales, connection, complaints. We ask clients how they assess telephone service / direct contact at customer service locations and assembly team visits. We also analyse how customer satisfaction in different field offices.

Satisfaction index

CES – consumer effort score – responders are asked whether their effort to solve an issue was larger or smaller than they expected

CSI – consumer satisfaction index – responders are asked about kindness and involvement of the personnel working with them, about understanding procedures, etc.,

NPS – net promotor score – responders are asked whether they would recommend a service to their friends

The CES, CSI and NPS indexes are combined into one measure which is called the satisfaction index.  

In 2016, we were able to improve the satisfaction index in both retail and distribution - in both cases we were able to surpass the targets for that year.