Mutual Understanding

Our integrated report is intended for PGE stakeholders. We place strong emphasis on good relations with the surroundings in our everyday work. As a large business, we must reconcile the expectations of various groups.

We want our stakeholders to view their interests in a wider context, to see their interconnections and interdependencies. We believe that the content of this report will help in developing a mutual understanding.

Our engagement

Building long-term value for our company involves, aside from business priorities, long lasting relations with the surrounding, based on trust, openness and dialogue. Our aim is to be a good neighbour and partner in everything what we do.

We are actively and responsibly building a platform for dialogue with our stakeholders by undertaking numerous initiatives that engage our business partners, NGOs, local communities, clients and media.

Our surroundings

Customer at the focus of attention

We are here for our customers.

Our customers are individuals, institutions and business clients - small entrepreneurs as well as large industrial plants. Regardless of belonging to the tariff group we strive to assure high-quality customer service. We make every effort to provide clear and comprehensive information about our offerings to current and potential clients. We transform energy into opportunities.

Our clients

Strengthening customer relationships

  • Expanding the knowledge of customer needs
  • Aligning the pricing policy to customer groups
  • Building long term relationships based on trust

Care for quality of supply

  • Taking care of our customer’s comfort, we strive to ensure the interruptions in energy supply are as short as possible and occur as infrequently as possible
  • Our investment projects within PGE distribution area contribute to substantial improvement of grid reliability

Expanding product offering

  • Identifying customer needs
  • We develop our offer to meet the increasing expectations
  • We combine sales electricity with complementary services

Creating value for our stakeholders

PGE is an important element of the Polish economy. We provide energy security in Poland. We care for stable and attractively priced supply of electricity for citizens, business and public sector. We expand our offer with new products and services.

On these pillars we build the value of our company. We believe that our responsible approach towards natural environment, customers, shareholders and public interest will allow us effectively implement PGE Group’s mission and vision.


Natural environment

Public affairs


Local communities


Social contribution


Number of customers
5 million customers

Electricity sold
43 TWh
of retail sales

PGE serves every 3rd electricity consumer in Poland.

Natural environment

Emissions in 2016
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
- 48%

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
- 17%

- 29%

Public affairs

We are member of Polish Electricity Association (PKEE), gathering industry representatives in Poland and European Union.

Our representatives are actively involved in EURELECTRIC's committee representing the interests of the European power industry.

We are a natural partner for discussions with lawmakers as well as central and local administration.


PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. is included in the list of enterprises of special significance to the national economy.

The State Treasury and domestic pension funds held around 70% of PGE’s shares as of the end of 2016.

Long-term Company’s rating:

Moody’s: Baa1
Fitch: BBB+

Local communities

Locally paid taxes
PLN m 646

PLN m 708

Taxes we pay to the communes where we do business make up significant parts of local budgets.


Headcount in 2016
38 ths employees
in 200 locations

The most attractive employer in the energy sector in Poland according to Universum Global 2017

3rd place in 2016 in Antal study „Most desired employer according to specialists and managers”

Social contribution

Around 300 volunteers of PGE „We help” in 2016

  • Sponsor of professional and amateur sport
  • Patron of national culture
  • Name partner for PGE Narodowy national stadium

18 universities in Poland
We cooperate with scientific community in Poland.

Local inflow of energy

At PGE, we are proud that we produce and supply electricity and heat to Polish households, industry and businesses. We are also proud of our economic contribution.

Our development stimulates the society by providing employment, public tenders realized mainly by domestic businesses and tax payments constituting a significant share of local budgets.

Local market

Growth impulse

Social contribution

PGE is a socially active company. Our activities are focused on the needs of local communities. We support projects involving education, ecology, sport and culture. We have also established the PGE Foundation Energia z Serca (Energy from the Heart), channeling our support and assistance to where they are most needed.

PGE Foundation

Patronage & Sponsorship

R&D and academic input

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