Balancing market

a technical platform for balancing electricity supply and demand on the market. The differences between the planned (announced supply schedules) and the actually delivered/off-taken volumes of electricity are settled here. The purpose of the balancing market is to balance transactions concluded between individual market participants and actual electricity demand. The participants of the balancing market can be the generators, customers for electricity understood as entities connected to a network located in the balancing market area (including off-takers and network customers), trading companies, electricity exchanges and the TSO as the balancing company.


standard product on the electricity market: a constant hourly power supply per day in a given period, for example week, month, quarter or year.

Best Practices

Document „Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016” adopted by the resolution of the GPW  Supervisory Board of October 13, 2015 and effective from January 1, 2016.


solid or liquid substances of plant or animal origin, subject to biodegradation, obtained from agricultural or forestry products, waste and remains or industries processing their products as well as certain other biodegradable waste in particular agricultural raw materials.

Black energy

popular name for energy generated as a result of combustion of black coal or lignite.