Our key responsibility is the stable supply of electricity.

Reliable and active supplier of energy products and services

Our key responsibility is the stable supply of electricity. Through several investments, we are striving to become a synonym for reliability. At the same time, we want to meet the changing expectations of our clients. Their satisfaction is a measure of our operational effectiveness.


Investments being implemented in the distribution area should result in an increase in supply reliability and a decrease in SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) indexes. By 2020, we will reduce them by 56% from the 2015 levels, ensuring greater continuity of supplies to our clients.

We also care about making the connection of new customers to the grid faster. We plan to reduce the average connection time by 40% until 2020. And the process itself is supposed to become more customer-friendly.

Innovations in distribution

The achievement of quality objectives is supported by the development of a system for monitoring energy quality, smart grid operation metering and automation and the construction of a digital transmission system.

In the light of technological changes, we are making sure that our networks are adapted for energy from renewable sources.

We are also working on developing a business model in the area of energy micro-networks/clusters (Innovations).

Active service provider

In the sales area, PGE Group intends to focus on strengthening our relations with clients by expanding our knowledge about their needs. In response to identified expectations, we will be expanding our offering to include new products and services complementary to electricity and we will be developing new sales and communication channels.

We believe that our retail activities will positively influence customer satisfaction indexes. Obtaining the status of a reliable, credible and modern supplier will allow PGE Group to maintain a low rate of client migration in the mass segment.

We try to harmonise customer service standards so that our clients are content with our services regardless of whether they are serviced by PGE Dystrybucja or PGE Obrót.

By systematically enhancing our image amongst clients, we are aiming for higher sales to end customers. Our ambition is to increase intra-group balance (i.e. so that electricity sales to end customers are close to the Group's overall production), however we also prioritise margin maximisation across the entire value chain.

Balancing the value chain exposures