Energy to Move Foward

We grow by addressing the expectations of our stakeholders – this is what sustainable development means. In this chapter, we look at PGE from a strategic perspective, thinking about the future. We outline our diagnosis for the market, technological and regulatory environment, we draw conclusions as to our further growth and we summarise what has been achieved so far. We also note the risks that we must be aware of.

What is PGE

We are the largest vertically integrated producer and supplier of electricity in Poland and one of the largest producers of useful heat.

At the core of PGE's activities is our mission, which states that we provide security and development through supply reliability, technical excellence, modern services and partner relations. We always care for all these elements to be of the highest quality.

Our overall objective which guides us in action, is to increase the company’s value for the shareholders and the key role in ensuring Poland’s security of power supply.


Business environment

Our Group operates almost exclusively within Poland. This is why the specifics of domestic macroeconomic environment has a major impact on our operating and financial results. However we do remember that the condition of the Polish economy depends to a large extent on the situation throughout the European Union and global markets, and our business environment is subject to a number of national and EU regulations. Consideration of all these factors is the key to market success.<.p>With our interest we go beyond national boundaries. We monitor global trends and innovations. To remain a competitive enterprise, we must be more aware of the world which is going forward.


  • Our development is planned in line with current sector trends, we want to be an active player in energy of tomorrow.
  • We are aware of the transformation in energy sector and the increasing volatility of business environment in which we operate.

Diagnosis of market trends


  • We are present in a number of the energy market’s segments, covering electricity, heat, fuels, certificates, CO2 emission rights and labor market.
  • We align our organization and our activity on the individual markets, seeking for efficiency at the Group level.



  • We observe factors influencing the direction of regulatory changes: social, economic, environmental.
  • We constantly monitor regulatory changes, analyzing their impact on our business, and striving to adapt to them in advance, and in line with their spirit, building a strategy of growth for PGE Group.

Regulatory environment

Value creation model

Good financial results remain important to us. However, we are aware of other values that are important to our stakeholders. Our value creation model explains how PGE operates and how we process our resources into value for our stakeholders. We strive to maximize the benefits for all our stakeholders in our day-to-day operations by appropriate usage of PGE assets.

Value creation model

Strategic direction

Effective action in a dynamically changing environment requires implementation of an action plan.

PGE Strategy is our road map for the years 2016-2020. Our strategy leads us to the intended goals.

We know that we will achieve long-term goals when we modernize conventional generation, when our operations will base on efficiency and flexibility, and when we introduce new technologies and business models - in line with changes in the business environment.

Leader in
Reliable and
active supplier
and flexibility
business models

Leader in

39% of generation market in 2020

> 40%

after 2020

Investments in new capacities

Opole II, Turów 11

Modernisation of existing assets

Adaptation to the BAT conclusion standards

Leader in RES generation

25% market share

in 2030

Reliable and
active supplier







Average customer connection time



Client satisfaction

and flexibility

Controllable costs

- PLN 3.5 bn


Annual controllable costs

- PLN 0.5 bn


CAPEX for modernization and replacements

- PLN 0.5 bn


Organizational structure

New model

business models

EBITDA from new business

Percentage of successful implementations

> 50%

PGE Ventures
PGE Nowa Energia
Cooperation with NCBR

Strategy in action

We consistently implement our strategy. We develop our Group in accordance with the given direction, building firm value. We successively present our actions.

Organic Growth

External Growth



Risk to our strategy

PGE operates in a competitive environment. No one is immune to transitional difficulties and dynamically changing environment. We are exposed to a number of risks and threats resulting from the specific nature of our business, market and regulatory environment.

Risk management comprises policies, standards and practices. At PGE we go one step further - we act. That is why we have developed an internal IT tools to support risk management and monitoring.

We continually verify and improve mechanisms for identifying vulnerable areas and ways of measuring risk.

Risk management system
Risks of ongoing operations
Strategic risks

See how Growth connects with Partnership and Responsibility


Mutual understanding


Provider of good Energy